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Jul 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
be disappearing. texas the latest state to start charging sales tax for amazon products. see what it means for amazon investors. the bull case for rim. we found an analyst who says now is the time to buy into this down beat tech giant will we'll talk to him live. all that coming up in the next hour. >>> first squawk on the beat, retail giant walmart turns 50 today. it's not the only retailer celebrating half a century of success. courtney reagan looking at how walmart stacks up to other 50 years old out there. >> good morning to you, carl. today might be the half century birthday but does mark for other retailers, target, kohl's, they turn 50, too. 1952, first forgot, kohl's in brookfield, wisconsin and sam walton opened the first walmart in rogers, arkansas, 50 years ago. they didn't go public overnight. target october 15th, 196 67. the stock split three times since. 50 cash dividends since the ipo, averaging four a year in the last decade. kohl's began in 1962, it wasn't incorporated until 1988, going public may 19th, 1992 at $14 a share nonsplit adjusted. at the date of the ipo kohl's h
Jul 24, 2012 9:00am EDT
.p.s. and texas instruments lowering forecasts citing increasing uncertainty and in u.p.s.'s case a double digit drop off in asian exports. are these bellwethers sounding the alarm? >> at&t with a pretty solid quarter, stronger wireless margins, low turn. smaller than expected drop off in iphone activations ahead of the release of the iphone 5. >> some say that could be good news for apple which is of course reporting tonight. the streets open at 10.36 a share. >> the pain in spain continues. yields crack 7.6% on the ten year as eurozone pmi contracts again. moody's officially warns that germany is not immune. first up, shares of u.p.s. falling in the premarket. the package delivery company reporting earnings of $1.15, two cents below estimates. revenues missing forecasts as well. u.p.s. also lowering its full-year outlook due to the economic uncertainties in the u.s. and europe and weakness in asia imports. meantime, texas instrument's current quarter guidance below estimates as well the chip maker citing consumer caution in the wake of global economic uncertainty. guys, i'm trying to think bac
Jul 19, 2012 9:00am EDT
rally in brent and west texas. what, 20% in the last -- since the month began? we were at $90 on brent just a short while ago. now we're at $107. take a look at what that's doing to some of the big oil service names. we've had a great rally. and this has been a major part of the stock market move-up recently. neighb nabors, drillers, day rates are going up overall. that's helped in the moving up of brent crude and west texas. nice ipo pricing tonight. we talked about some of these names. but the hot one that everybody's talking about is palo alto networks, a network security company. the original price talk was well below 38 to 40. now they bumped it up. we'll see what happens on that. we told you earlier what's been going on with five below. originally 12 to 14. priced at 17, opened at $26.05. and you see it, carl, trading right at the highs right now. $27. $12 to $14 a new days ago. $27 right now. back to you. >> thanks so much, bob. interesting to watch. >>> meantime, mervin king, the governor of the bank of england testified this week that barclays board was in denial over regulato
Jul 25, 2012 9:00am EDT
the hoisington management group, i believe they're out of austin, texas. the reason i like them and many people on the floor is, every quarter, they come up with a quarterly review and outlook. in the most current, they talk about this dynamic and they list three studies. and we're going to be having guests from these three independent studies. but basically the premise is this -- is deficit depending stimulative? i mean, everything goes back to that. and they argue that it isn't. now, let's do a quick trimer on the bonds. when you have indebtedness, higher percentages of debt to gdp, mostly you see revenues go down. when you have those two conditions caused by excessive indebtedness, using more indebtedness to cure the hangover of debt just does not work. and they do some great studies on the panic of 1873, the crash in '29, 2008. but the one i found most fascinating was japan in 1989. no matter how much, quote, unquote, stimulus is put in, it doesn't have a stimulative effect. do you know what the affect is? think japan here. you get slow growth and low sxwrats as far as the eye can see. inde
Jul 31, 2012 9:00am EDT
are literally invested in the success of that transformation. >> the view from texas for the prototype on jcpenney. let's bring in our market expert. >> i suspect how can you have a long term grade? how can i -- i would be more concerned if i am a share holder. long term grade is three to five years. long term grade should be incomplete. can't be a b plus. it should be incomplete. as you know the producers like to have a segment title or something along those lines. >> an agenda. >> today i'm going to talk about why you think you might not be a global investor. dupz quantitative easing create jobs? i have asked the question to portfolio managers, economists, managers and people in business in general. nobody has an answer to the question. i then go to google like everybody does and put the following phrase into my google question line. does quantitative easing add jobs? there was 793,000 responses to that. i went through let's say 100 of them. i did not go through all 793,000. not one of those qs gave me any answer to that question. they were all political depending on the side of the
Jul 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
of june sales. of course, factory orders was a beat to the upside. oil jumping today west texas and brent up sharply. brent breaching the $100 mark for the first time since june 11th. the spike sending energy stocks like exxon and chevron higher. retailers making up biggest losers after chain store data sales came in flatter, versus 2% increase the week before. forecast for sales trimmed as well. jcpenney, kohl's, macy's and target trading lower. >>> barclays feeling pain from libor scandal. ceo announcing resignation, coo stepping down as well. we'll talk about what it means for your money. christine lagarde sits down for a first on cnbc interview. she'll give us her view on global economy, what she thinks of the state of the economy here in the u.s. . ubs making a bearish call cutting its call on the index by 100 points. we'll talk to the man who made the call and see why he's cautious. affecting the cost of your favorite glass of wine. how much more you'll pay for discount brands. all that and more in the next hour. >>> start with corner office at barclays, bank ceo and coo resigning i
Jul 6, 2012 9:00am EDT
to elections. u.s. macro, we call mexico southern texas. get long brazil, do ut through the, west,z and do it in a way that gets you downside protection. the bottom line is emerging looks very different against developed. >> everybody's looking at the slowdown in china, that second rate cut seemed to fuel the notion that perhaps things are slower than had previously been believed. at what point do you get concerned about investing in some of these latin america markets, or is it an insulated consumer-driven market? >> it's absolutely not insulated. brazil has two concerns, macro policies is a problem. i think it will continue to be weak with china being under the microscope of growth. but a lot of this has been priced in. the real at 1.55 when a lot of this started was a much more expensive currency than it is now at 2.05. brazil's a much cheaper economy, much more competitive economy, i should say. and exports to the rest of the world are interesting. but if china is falling down, brazil will still feel that pressure. >> in terms of a specific stock pick, yesterday you had your trade of t
Jul 16, 2012 9:00am EDT
. >>> and the chip sector getting weighed down after texas instruments was downgraded from a market perform. >>> the dow is down 59 points. let's go to chicago, john brady joins us. good morning. >> good morning, simon. >> if there was one thing that people should keep front and center moving through this week, what is it? >> well, simon, the real trade this week will most likely be in two-year treasury yields. if you look on a comparative macro basis, two-year treasury yields in the united states are roughly around 23 basis points. you compare that with other two-year yields, germany at zero, japan at nine basis points. and the argument can be made that two-year treasury yields in the u.s., even at 23.5 basis points are rather attractive. ahead of chairman bernanke's testimony tomorrow, the money market industry is all awash with this idea of maybe the fed cutting on excess reserves. we think the market's got an little bit ahead of itself as the fed doesn't want to destroy the money market industry. however, there is talk that perhaps the fed will get i.o.e.r., similar to what the european
Jul 18, 2012 9:00am EDT
business people in east texas here's what i hear. number one, uncertain federal regulation and certainly harmful federal regulation is crushing jobs. number two, the threatened single largest tax increase in u.s. history. number three, a nation on the road to bankruptcy. and, number four, rhetoric out of this president that vilifies success in the free enterprise system and monetary policy is not going to solve that problem. >> thank you. >> chairman bernanke, first of all i want to thank you for your steadfast commitment to taking action as you deem appropriate. i'm not any different than anybody else. i haven't agreed with everything you've done. but in today's -- today's another day of it where everybody gets to criticize everything you've done for the last ten years. i may take my shot here or there. i just want to say thank you for not giving up. thank you for not withering under this. we still need you and the fed to be actively involved even if there are things you do that i disagree with. i think i'm going to talk a little bit, first of all, the libor situation. for me, and i'm n
Jul 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
around. the texas utilities bill was going to create of a lot of jobs. >> that didn't work out so well. >> they needed nat gas a little higher. >> get your electricity rates up. >> this is an exciting story on an other wais kind of draghi day. >>> apple and samsung squaring off in federal court today over control of the smartphone and computer tablet markets. samsung counters apple as doing the stealing and some of the technology at issue has been industry standard for years. it's almost going to be a case of apple versus google because it has far-reaching effects for google. >> they've been fighting this everywhere. when you open up an iphone -- which i don't recommend -- but it's samsung. samsung is a maker of a lot of the stuff of apple and they're the biggest competitor. when does this end? when does apple go with intel? when does apple decide, we're going across the street and stop dealing with samsung. it's an amazing thing to be a vicious competitor, even in court and also completely reliant on their technology. never seen anything like it. >> they probably had no idea. >> very
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10